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Apeiron Biologics AG
1.         Phase I Study of an Adoptive Cellular Immunotherapy by Silencing cbl-b in Autologous Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells; Presented by Kathrin T.
Apogenix AG
2.         HERA-CD40L: A Unique Hexavalent CD40 Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Oliver H.
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.
3.         Safe Rapid Delivery of Linear DNA for Gene Therapy; Presented by Stephen H.
Aquila BioMedical Ltd.
4.         Interrogation and Modulation of the Immunosuppressive Activity of Human TAM-Like Macrophages Using In Vitro Cultures; Presented by Andrew H.
Aquila BioMedical Ltd.
5.         Biomarker Detection Using a Multiplex Approach; Presented by Louise W.
BIA Separations d.o.o.
6.         Fast Purification and Analysis of Influenza A Virus Using CIMac™ Monolith Columns; Presented by Sara P.
BIA Separations d.o.o.
7.         One-Step Monolith Purification of Oncolytic Influenza Virus Produced in Vero Cells; Presented by Ales S.
BPS Bioscience, Inc.
8.         Improving Immunotherapy Through Immune Checkpoint Assays, CAR-T Target Display, and Effector Function Optimization; Presented by Stephen E.
Charles River Laboratories
9.         Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Induced Tumor Gene Expression Changes in Murine Syngeneic Colon Cancer Models; Presented by Patrick F.
Charles River Laboratories
10.       A Translational Platform Using Primary Human Immune Cells In Vitro, Syngeneic and Humanized Models In Vivo to Support and Advance Immune-Oncology Drug Discovery; Presented by Barbara K.
CiToxLAB North America
11.       Assessment of T-Dependant Antibody Response (TDAR) Using Multiple Immunomonitoring End-Points and Antigens to Evaluate Immunomodulation in Non-Human Primate; Presented by Iohann B.
EpiVax, Inc.
12.       Disease Status Explained by Neo-Epitopes with Low Potential for Activating Regulatory T Cells: An Application of Precision Cancer Immunotherapy Design Tools to Bladder Cancer; Presented by Guilhem R.
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services
13.       Driving Robust and Reproducible ADCC and T Cell Redirection with Single Donor KILR® CD16 Effector Cells; Presented by Gaurav A.
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services
14.       Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Profiling and Biomarker Identification Using Human Primary Cell BioMAP® Oncology Systems; Presented by Alison O.
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services
15.       Novel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Alpana P.
Ewha Womans University
16.       α-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase (NAGA) Enhances Cisplatin Resistance in Ovarian Cancer; Presented by Jung-Hyuck A.
Genentech Ltd.
17.       mRNA Immune Characteristics of Chinese Esophageal Cancer Patients; Presented by Chun S.
Glycotope GmbH
18.       Immunostimulatory Properties of a Novel IL-15-Based Tumor-Targeted Immunocytokine; Presented by Anika J.
19.       Immunitrack: The Neo-Screen Platform; Presented by Sune J.
ImmunXperts SA
20.       A Set of In Vitro Functional Assays to Accelerate Immuno-Oncology Drug Development; Presented by Thibaut J.
Institute of Materia Medica
21.       Microsatellite Instability Detection as Biomarkers in Mice Tumor Model; Presented by Yi G.
Institute of Materia Medica
22.       The Study of Small Molecule Inhibitor of Interaction Between LAG3 and MHCⅡ; Presented by Zheng Y.
“Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy
23.       miR-125b – A Selective TP53 Dependent Inhibitor of Colon Cancer and Possible Novel Activator of Immune Response; Presented by Ioana B.
MedGenome, Inc.
24.       Accurate Prediction of Neoantigen Vaccine Candidates Using OncoPeptVAC™ and Validation by OncoPeptSCRN; Presented by Amit C.
MedGenome, Inc.
25.       OncoPeptTUME™ — A Novel In-Silico Approach to Model the Tumor Microenvironment and Predict Treatment Efficacy and Long-Term Survival Benefits for Immunotherapy Applications; Presented by Ankita D.
Medicenna Therapeutics, Inc.
26.       Preclinical Characterization of IL-2 Superkines Engineered with Biased CD8+ T Cell Stimulating Properties; Presented by Fahar M.
Medivir AB
27.       Selective Suppression of Regulatory T-Cell Development Using Small Molecule Inhibitors of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma Translocation Protein 1 (MALT1); Presented by Niklas F.
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
28.       Isolation of Functionally Unaffected Cells Straight from Buffy Coat, LRSC or Leukopak; Presented by Lotta R.
Mitra Biotech Ltd.
29.       CANscript ™ Is an Ex Vivo Human Tumor Culture Platform Capable of Accurately Capturing Response to Immune Modifying Agents; Presented by Mark P.
Nilogen Oncosystems
30.       A Powerful Combinatorial Approach to Characterization of the Immune Landscape and Analysis of Tumor Response After Anti-PD-1 Blockade in a 3D Ex Vivo System of Non-Small Lung Cancer; Presented by Melanie M.
NMI TT Pharmaservices
31.       Beyond Genomics: DigiWest® Multiplex Protein Profiling of up to 800 Total and Phospho Proteins for Lead Compound Characterization and Biomarker Identification; Presented by Christoph S.
32.       Detection of AAV Structure: Capsid Proteins and Nucleic Acid Composition on LabChip® GXII Touch™ Platform; Presented by Natalia R.
Phanes Therapeutics, Inc.
33.       A Next Generation Anti-CD47 mAb with Strong In Vivo Activity, Improved PK Property and Superior Safety Profile; Presented by Hui Z.
Promega Corporation
34.       Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Immune Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Steven E.
RubrYc Therapeutics
35.       Steering the Immune Response Using Custom Immunogens and Real-Time Immune-Response Monitoring to Create PD1/PDL1 Blocking Antibodies; Presented by Mohan S.
Selvita S.A.
36.       Discovery of Novel Small Molecule STING Agonists as a New Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Monika D.
Selvita S.A.
37.       Novel Dual A2A A2B Adenosine Receptor Antagonists for Cancer Immunotherapy - Characterization in High Adenosine Conditions; Presented by Mateusz N.
Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.
38.       Discovery and Characterization of TCR-Like mAbs Targeting NY-ESO-1; Presented by Li Z.
SQZ Biotechnologies
39.       A Tumor Agnostic Approach Towards Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Vaccines Through Cytosolic Delivery; Presented by Vidhya V.
SRI International
40.       A Novel Cell-Mediated Immunotherapy for Treatment of Lung and Breast Cancer; Presented by Indu V.
41.       Novel T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibody Platform: Efficient In Vivo Tumor Clearance with Minimal Cytokine Release; Presented by Laura D.
Transgene S.A.
42.       Immuno-Arming of Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus, a Multipotent Approach to Tackle Challenging Tumors; Presented by Eric Q.
Triumvira Immunologics
43.       TAC-T: A Novel T Cell Therapy, Co-Opts the Endogenous T Cell Receptor for Effective, Safe, and Persistent Tumor Rejection; Presented by Christopher H.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
44.       Using Poxvirus to Improve Immunotherapy for Brain Glioma; Presented by Bingtao T.
Yuce Biotechnology
45.       Analysis of Tumor Neoantigen Landscape in Chinese Population; Presented by Jin Y.

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