Thursday, october 13 | 11:35 am – 1:40 pm


11:35 Harmonization of Immuno-Oncology with Precision Medicine: Innovative Biomarker Strategy for the Next Wave of Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics
Zhen SuZhen Su, MD, MBA, CEO, Marengo Therapeutics
For the past 20 years, we've been exploring the science of patients’ immune systems to re-conceptualize how we can harness them to fight cancer. We have made significant investments in R&D, honing our focus on mechanisms and molecules that will lead to transformative innovations in cancer care. And we have a wide pipeline of monotherapies and combination therapies exploring novel approaches in immunotherapy – and that’s just to start. A key part of our approach is to match the right treatments with the right patients and engage them early on in the clinical development process. By developing a comprehensive biomarker testing strategy to identify patients who may benefit most from our treatments and implement this strategy at the beginning of the clinical development so that we’re able to better understand how immunotherapies impact the patient as a whole, and also identify the challenges we need to tackle with future therapies. We will review the most recent advancements of biomarker strategies for IO development and its impact on patient segmentation as we develop tailored treatment regiments for better patient outcomes.

12:05 pm Transition to Networking Lunch

12:15 pm Networking Lunch

12:45 pm Transition to Plenary Panel Discussion with Dessert & Coffee


1:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Investing in Immuno-Oncology – Past, Present, and Future


Mary Ann BrownMary Ann Brown, Executive Director, Conferences, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
As defined, an investment is the dedication of an asset to attain an increase in value over a period of time which requires a sacrifice of some present asset, such as time, money, or effort. Big pharma and biotech are under pressure to invest in the booming immuno-oncology market and to capitalize on new technologies and innovations to bring next-generation immunotherapies to patients – who are the ultimate investors. This insider VC panel shares what they look for in a partner or investment. What and where are the opportunities?


Uciane ScarlettUciane Scarlett, PhD, Principal, MPM Capital

Mohammed AsmalMohammed Asmal, Entrepreneur in Residence, OrbiMed Advisors LLC

Anthony CoyleAnthony J Coyle, PhD, President, R&D, Repertoire Immune Medicines

David R KaufmanDavid R Kaufman, MD, PhD, Partner, Third Rock Ventures LLC

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