2024 Poster Presentations

Preliminary List as of July 2

A2 Biotherapeutics
High-Throughput Screen to Identify and Optimize NOT Gate Receptors for Cell Therapy

Designing T-Cell Engagers with High Potency and Low Cytokine Release

Abzyme Therapeutics
Directed Evolution of Existing Biologics for Novel Target Specificity, Affinity, and Local Environment

Antibody Analytics
Primary Human Immune Cell Assays for the Evaluation of New Immuno-Oncology Therapies

Antibody Analytics
Quantification of the Antigen Density Activation Threshold for Targeted Immunotherapeutics

Aragen Bioscience
Comparative Analysis: Responses to Immunotherapy, Standard-of-Care Treatment and Combined Therapy in MC38 Murine Colon Cancer

Gothenburg University
Targeting Murine Metastatic Cancers with Adjuvanted Peptide Vaccines

Immunowake, Inc.
Generation of Immunocytokine Capable of Transforming Intratumoral Tregs into Fragile Phenotype Without Altering Systemic Tregs

Indiana University
Understanding the Interactions Between Colon Cancer Epithelial and Mast Cells in the Promotion of BRAF Mutant Colorectal Cancer

Integral Molecular
Preclinical Safety Assessment for Specificity of Biotherapeutics Using the Membrane Proteome Array

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Engineering a Chemostatic Microenvironment for Intestinal Cancer Research

National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
Utilizing RNA Devices to Control PD-1 Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy

National University of Singapore
PhaseX (Patient-derived Hydrogel-ASsisted EXplants): Unveiling the Biomarkers in Immune Checkpoint Blockade for HNSCC

Nona Biosciences
A Direct CAR-Function-Based Library Screening Platform for Developing Fully Human BCMA CAR-T Cell Therapies

Nona Biosciences
Discovery of T Cell Receptor Mimic Antibody

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Preclinical Examination of EGFR Tumor-Targeted CD28-Bispecific Antibodies in Combination with PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibitor

Sonoran University of Health Sciences
Investigating Lymphatic Disorders, Malignancies and Naturopathic Management

University of North Dakota
Current Immunotherapy Treatments of Primary Breast Cancer Subtypes

VIB-KU Leuven
Endothelial PD-L1 Critically Impacts NSCLC Progression

Vor Bio
Purification of CAR-Expressing Cells Reveals Impact of Untransduced Cells in CAR-T Cell Drug Product


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