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Over the past 7 years, CHI's Immuno-Oncology Summit has become the leading annual meeting focusing on the latest applied research, providing comprehensive and in-depth coverage across all modalities and stages in the pipeline. Every year, we assemble an international mix of thought leaders and decision makers from industry and academia to bring you the latest developments in immuno-oncology, while providing access to a comprehensive 5-day program and extensive networking opportunities that CHI's IO Summit provides.

After extensive research with industry insiders, we have identified these “TOP TEN” key growth areas in immuno-oncology for 2019, which are reflected throughout the upcoming program:

  1. Combination Immunotherapy

    Nine dedicated sessions throughout the 5-day program explore emerging targets for combination immunotherapy, combining different immunotherapy modalities and targeted therapies, combination strategies to increase response to checkpoint modulators, and patient selection for combination immunotherapy.

  2. Advances in Immunotherapy Modalities

    Three established tracks on Oncolytic Virotherapy, Adoptive Cell Therapy and Personalized Vaccines provide in-depth coverage of the latest advances and networking with thought leaders in each area, while offering perspective on how they fit within the broader scope of immunotherapy implementation.

  3. Emerging Targets

    A recurring theme throughout IO Summit sessions explores emerging targets for immunomodulatory antibodies in combination with checkpoint inhibitors; targeting cytokines, innate immunity and tumor microenvironment, neoantigen targets, and small molecule targets.

  4. Bispecific Antibodies

    Leading industry thought leaders address T-cell engaging bispecific antibodies, combination immunotherapy by multiple target engagement, and engineering bispecific and multi-specific antibodies.

  5. Predictive Translational Tools

    Three dedicated tracks provide in-depth coverage of key enabling tools for translational immuno-oncology: IO Biomarkers, Preclinical & Translational IO, and Informatics for Immunotherapy.

  6. Small Molecules

    A new track on Next-Generation Immunotherapies covers the latest and most promising approaches in immunotherapy, including small molecules and antibody-drug conjugates, protein engineering, and more.

  7. Cytokines

    Cytokines are making a comeback by offering a new class of immunotherapy targets or by being used as immunotherapies themselves, alone or in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.

  8. Targeting Innate Immunity

    Latest research from pharma, biotech, and academia across multiple tracks will review emerging innate immunity targets and their utility in improving response to checkpoint modulators.

  9. Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy

    A dedicated session will review clinical trials of neoadjuvant immunotherapy and its impact on clinical decision making.

  10. Overcoming Resistance to Immunotherapy

    Lack of response or acquired resistance to immunotherapy has emerged as one of the biggest challenges in clinical adoption. Multiple sessions throughout the 5-day program explore characterization of response and resistance, predictive biomarkers of response and patient selection, and emerging immunotherapy strategies to overcome resistance and improve response.

The IO Summit is a perfect meeting place to share experience, foster collaborations, evaluate emerging technologies, and drive innovation in your immuno-oncology programs. Now in its 7th year, the IO Summit consistently delivers a cutting-edge agenda, 675+ senior delegates, and a sold-out exhibit hall.

Whether you are an industry veteran or new adopter, researcher or business developer, scientist or CEO, this is one Immuno-Oncology event you don’t want to miss. If it’s important in 2019, it’s covered!

Please join us in Boston for comprehensive scientific coverage and unparalleled networking opportunities at CHI’s Immuno-Oncology Summit 2019: the one must-attend industry event of the year!

Julia Boguslavsky
Executive Director, Conferences
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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