Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 3rd Annual

Personalized Cancer Vaccines

August 30-31, 2018

Recent developments in personalized cancer vaccines are enabling the next generation of rational cancer immunotherapy. Cancer vaccines now may be combined with other immunotherapies, dendritic cells used for personalized immunotherapy, and neoantigens on the surface of cancer cells targeted, matching vaccine components to each patient. mRNA- and DNA-based vaccines present an additional opportunity for cancer therapeutics. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Personalized Cancer Vaccines meeting will cover applications in several types of cancer and the progress in the understanding of the immune system that has significantly advanced the potential of cancer vaccines.

Preliminary Agenda


Vaccibody’s Approach to Cost-Effective Personalized Cancer Neoantigen Vaccines Inducing a Unique CD8-Dominated T Cell Response

Agnete Fredriksen, PhD, CSO, Vaccibody

Agenus’ Synthetic Neoantigen Vaccine Platforms, Including Novel Phosphopeptide Tumor Targets

Daniel Levey, PhD, Senior Director Vaccine Research, R&D, Agenus, Inc.

Harnessing the Innate Immunogenicity of Foreign Viral Antigens to Fight Solid Tumors

David Anderson, PhD, CSO, Research & Development, VBI Vaccines, Inc.

Cross-Talk among Distinct Immune Regulatory and Effector Cells in Cancer in Different Tissues

Jay A. Berzofsky, MD, PhD, Chief, Vaccine Branch, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute

A New Source of Highly Immunogenic Neoepitopes for Cancer Vaccines

Stephen Albert Johnston, PhD, Director, Center for Innovations in Medicine; Professor, School of Life Sciences, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University; CEO, Calviri, Inc.

Synthetic Genomics NEWDevelopment of Synthetic Self-Replicating RNA Platforms for Oncology Vaccines and Therapeutics

Nathaniel Wang, PhD, Head, Vaccines and Therapeutics, Viral Systems, Synthetic Genomics, Inc.


Design and Development of a Therapeutic Antibody Targeting a Novel Neoantigen

Philip Arlen, MD, President & CEO, Precision Biologics

T Cells against Tumor Neoantigens: How Many Are Likely Needed for Clinical Efficacy and Can Contemporary Vaccines Get Us There?

Andrew Allen, PhD, CEO & President, Gritstone Oncology


Developing Cancer Vaccines in the Era of Checkpoint Blockade: Avoiding the T Cell Trap

Yared Hailemichael, PhD, Research Instructor, Melanoma Medical Oncology, The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Th1 Epitopes for Versatile Tumor- and Patient-Tailored Vaccine Combination Therapies (VCT)

William C. Watt, PhD, President & CEO, EpiThany

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