Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 3rd Annual

Personalized Cancer Vaccines

August 30-31, 2018

Recent developments in personalized cancer vaccines are enabling the next generation of rational cancer immunotherapy. Cancer vaccines now may be combined with other immunotherapies, dendritic cells used for personalized immunotherapy, and neoantigens on the surface of cancer cells targeted, matching vaccine components to each patient. mRNA- and DNA-based vaccines present an additional opportunity for cancer therapeutics. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Personalized Cancer Vaccines meeting will cover applications in several types of cancer and the progress in the understanding of the immune system that has significantly advanced the potential of cancer vaccines.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Individualized neoepitope vaccines
  • Dendritic cell vaccines for cancer immunotherapy
  • Combining cancer vaccine with checkpoint inhibitors
  • mRNA- and DNA-based cancer vaccines
  • Personalized cancer vaccine clinical trials
  • Biomarker strategies in cancer vaccine trials

If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation at this meeting, please click here.

The deadline for priority consideration is February 9, 2018.

All proposals are subject to review by session chairmen and/or the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Additionally, as per Cambridge Healthtech Institute policy, a select number of vendors and consultants who provide products and services will be offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.

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