Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual

Emerging Immuno-Oncology Targets

Novel Targets and Pathways for Cancer Immunotherapy and Combinations

August 30-31, 2018

While cancer immunotherapy has made a giant leap in the past five years, the majority of therapies at advanced stages of development are clustered in a similar target space. The increased investment in immuno-oncology has created an urgent opportunity to discover and populate new target spaces that either present new classes of immunotherapies or can be used in combination with existing products. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Second Annual Immuno-Oncology Targets conference will cover the emerging target space, including immunomodulatory inhibitor and agonist targets, stromal and immune cell targets, and strategies for rational combination immunotherapy. Case studies of preclinical and translational approaches to the discovery and validation of new immuno-oncology targets and combinations will be presented.

Preliminary Agenda


NKG2D Ligands Regulation of Immune Checkpoint Blockade Therapy of Cancer: Efficacy and Toxicity

Jennifer Wu, PhD, Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine; Director, Cancer Immunology Program, Robert Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University

Regulatory T Cells in Tumor Immunity

Basil Golding, MD, Director DPPT, OTAT, CBER, FDA

NKTR-255: Accessing IL-15 Therapeutic Potential through Robust and Sustained Engagement of Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Peiwen Kuo, PhD, Scientist, Nektar Therapeutics

Targeting the T and NK Cell Co-Inhibitory Receptor KLRG1: Rationale for Clinical Development

Steven A. Greenberg, MD, Professor, Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Abcuro, Inc.

Immunotherapies by Design: A Best-in-Class A2A Antagonist Tailored for Immuno-Oncology

Michel Detheux, PhD, CEO, iTeos Therapeutics

eFT508: A Highly Selective Inhibitor of MNK1/2 Enhances Anti-Tumor Immune Response

Kevin Webster, PhD, Senior Vice President, Cancer Biology, eFFECTOR Therapeutics


The TNFR2 Immuno-Oncology Target: Elimination through Antibody Antagonism of Infiltrating Tregs and Direct Oncogene Tumor Death

Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, Associate Professor & Director, Immunobiology Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Targeting Soluble TNF in Tumor Microenvironment (TME) to Reverse Resistance to Immunotherapy

Raymond Tesi, MD, President and CEO, Acting CMO, INmune Bio


Design and Development of a Therapeutic Antibody Targeting a Novel Neoantigen

Philip Arlen, MD, President & CEO, Precision Biologics

T Cells against Tumor Neoantigens: How Many Are Likely Needed for Clinical Efficacy and Can Contemporary Vaccines Get Us There?

Andrew Allen, PhD, CEO & President, Gritstone Oncology

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