Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural

Immuno-Oncology Investing & Partnering Forum

Facilitating Partnering, Funding & Investment to Advance Immuno-Oncology Drugs

August 30, 2018


Cambridge Healthtech Institute is pleased to announce the Inaugural Immuno-Oncology Investing & Partnering Forum to run as part of the Immuno-Oncology Summit in Boston on August 30, 2018. This timely and focused event brings together early- and late-stage investors with fundraising CEOs and research entrepreneurs to encourage partnering and investment, and to ultimately accelerate immune-oncology therapies to market. This Forum will provide ample opportunity for both investors and CEOs to interact through pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings, as well as interactive panels presented by pharma business development and the VC/investment community. Both late-stage and emerging tech companies will present on the agenda.


State of the Industry Keynote Presentation

Ilan Zipkin, PhD, Vice President, Business Development, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy


Investing in Immuno-Oncology Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, private, public and strategic investors will discuss their investment strategies. Potential topics of discussion include: What does it take to get an immuno-oncology company funded? What are the benefits and risks of business models in devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and information technology? What are today’s deal terms and valuations? What are the best exit strategies?

Panelists: James Healy, General Partner, Sofinnova Ventures

John Gustofson, Managing Director, AbbVie Ventures

Michael Gladstone, Principal, Atlas Venture


Partnering and Licensing in Immuno-Oncology

Big pharma, biotech and medtech need to act to capitalize new innovations that provide solutions to the global demands in healthcare. This insider panel will discuss their areas of interest for in-licensing novel therapeutics, devices and diagnostics and what they look for in a partner or investment.

Panelists: Claudina Stevenson, PhD, Director, Search and Evaluation, Oncology, AbbVie

Maude Tessier, Executive Director, Business Development, Boston Innovation Hub, Merck

Kaan Certel, PhD, Head, Oncology External Innovation, Global Business Development & Licensing, Sanofi


Emerging Immuno-Oncology Targets

With record numbers of immunotherapies in active development, the importance of targets such as the tumor microenvironment is becoming clear. How do you determine what to target? Once you have a target, how do you deliver therapies effectively? This session will preview next-generation products and companies.

Panelist: Len Pagliaro, PhD, CEO, Siva Therapeutics Inc


Novel Therapeutics in Cancer Immunotherapy

In this session, we will hear from companies on the cutting edge. Novel drugs are being developed and commercialized, and new pathways are being discovered and targeted. Innovative technology is yielding benefits in development of diagnostics and treatments. Hear from leading companies on their approaches.

Panelist: Richard Purcell, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Generex Biotechnology, Inc.


Emerging Company Showcase

The Immuno-Oncology Investing and Partnering Forum will play host to an Emerging Company Showcase as part of the program agenda. This showcase allows immuno-oncology companies to pitch their drug, device, diagnostic, or software to an audience of investors, CEOs, and executives in the field. We are now accepting submissions! Click here for more information!

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